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Back straightening exercises - Fitnes

 The importance of back straightening exercises

These exercises help maintain the health and safety of muscles, bones, joints, and even nerves, in addition to supporting the spine in terms of strength, flexibility and balance, making it less likely to suffer health problems, such as muscle and joint pain, or injuries, and not only that, but also give the body an appearance Healthy and harmonious, which can increase one's self-confidence.

Back straightening exercises - Fitnes

Back straightening exercises

Recently, a lot of wrong activities that cause strain on the muscles and ligaments of the spine have increased, such as office work, looking at electronic devices for long periods, or not exercising, all of these factors lead to multiple health problems, so these errors must be corrected and improved back posture to avoid occurrence These problems, and in the following we will mention some of the exercises that help straighten the back with pictures:

Back straightening exercises - Fitnes


The plank exercise helps in strengthening the muscles of the back, shoulder and abdomen. It also supports the strength and balance of the body, in addition to alleviating pain and stiffness of many muscles of the body, as all of these factors enhance the posture and straightness of the back.

Back straightening exercises - Fitnes

side plank exercise

The side plank exercise contributes to improving the posture and straightening of the back, by activating and strengthening the lateral muscles of the trunk, in addition to helping to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and buttocks.

Back straightening exercises - Fitnes

Reverse Plank Bridge

The reverse plank bridge exercise helps to enhance the flexibility and strength of the neck, chest and shoulder muscles, and this contributes to activating many muscles in the body, including the back muscles, which in turn helps support the straightness of the back and strengthen its muscles.

Back straightening exercises - Fitnes

Cobra Pose

The cobra pose is a stretching exercise that works to strengthen the lower back muscles and certain types of spinal muscles that are responsible for tightening the back and preventing its curvature.

Back straightening exercises - Fitnes

Child's pose

The child's pose is one of the yoga and relaxation exercises, which helps to stretch and elongate the muscles of the lower back, neck, buttocks, and thighs, which in turn enhances the flexibility of the back and helps stimulate blood circulation in the muscles and joints of the back. This exercise can be performed after the cobra exercises, to achieve stability and back stability through the reverse technique of both exercises.

Back straightening exercises - Fitnes

Cat Cow Pose

The Cat and Cow Pose helps reduce muscle tension in the trunk, neck and shoulders, in addition to massaging the spine and enhancing blood circulation.

Back straightening exercises - Fitnes

Forward fold

The forward bend exercise helps to enhance the stretch as a result of the tension in the spine, buttocks, thigh muscles, and back legs, which in turn contributes to strengthening and supporting a straight back.

Back straightening exercises - Fitnes

Some tips and warnings

If you have a health problem, you should seek medical advice before performing any exercise.
Be sure to customize the number of repetitions that are appropriate for your physical level.
Make sure to breathe well without resorting to holding your breath. Stop doing any exercise that may be causing or making your pain worse.

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