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Suffering from weak muscles?.. Here are useful exercises to strengthen them - bodybuilding workouts

Some people suffer from weak muscles, although in their youth, the reason is due to several factors, including poor nutrition and failure to perform daily activities or daily exercise, which leads to weakness in the muscles of the body, while others suffer from muscle weakness as a result of some diseases, though you can use the help of Some exercises that play a role in improving and strengthening the muscles in the body.

bodybuilding workouts

In the following report, "Consulto" reviews a list of the most prominent exercises that help strengthen weak muscles in your body, according to the Mayo Clinic and Health line websites.

What type of exercise is useful for the muscles of the body?

Basic muscle exercises, which includes more than a set of exercises, is the most focused on strengthening the basic muscles in the body, namely: abdomen, back, hips, pelvic muscles, and trunk.

Benefits of core muscle exercises

Most of the other exercises rely on strengthening the pelvic muscles, but they cannot provide different benefits to the body as the basic muscle exercises provide, as follows:

Strengthening the muscles of the trunk and hips.

Strengthening the lower back.

Improve muscle coordination.

Improve balance and stability between muscles.

Facilitate daily activities.

- Helps in losing weight, especially in the areas of the waist and abdomen.

It helps in tightening the abdominal muscles.

Helps athletes returning from injury increase muscle endurance.

Types of core muscle exercises

1- Pilates exercises

It is considered one of the types of exercises that are perfectly suitable for beginners, which contribute to improving the muscular balance between the muscles of the hips and leg, as well as burning fat in that area. It can be performed in this way:

- Lie on the back with the arms extended, the back should be kept flat.

Raise the left foot at a 90-degree angle, then raise the right leg and gently lower it to the floor.

Legs can be switched.

The exercise can be performed 12 repetitions.

2- bridge exercise

Bridge exercises known as "Bridge" help in tightening the muscles of the hips and buttocks, and also help to activate the muscles of the buttocks. The exercise can be performed in this way:

- Lie on the back with the arms extended, palms of the hands on the floor and knees bent.

Raise the hips until the knees are in line with the shoulders.

The exercise can be performed for 30 seconds, and then repeated 3 to 5 times.

3- bird dog exercise

Among the most powerful exercises to perform the muscles of the buttocks, and strengthen the muscles of the trunk and lower back muscles at the same time, the exercises can be performed in this way:

Rest on the knees and palms of the hand, making sure the back is straight.

Raise the left foot with the right arm straight at shoulder level.

The left knee should not touch the ground.

Repeat this exercise with each foot separately for 10 to 12 repetitions. 

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